Anita Erskine Media announces a partnership with the National Film and Television Institute(NAFTI) to provide Educational Bursaries and Full Scholarships under the Women’s Elevation Fund established by Anita Erskine Media.

Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) #5 – Gender Equality, Anita Erskine, Award Winning Pan African Broadcaster, founded the Women’s Elevation Fund(WEF) to facilitate the realization of Dreams, Aspiration and Ambition of Young African Women and furnish them with the requisite tools that allow them to be competitive.

Beneficiaries of this fund are between the ages of 12 and 40. WEF provides scholarships and educational bursaries for outstanding female students and career guidance for young women from underserved communities across Africa.

 NAFTI believes in impressing on its students that film and television are expressions towards the development of the intellectual, philosophical and cultural ideals of our people. As a result, NAFTI recognizes the importance of training not just media artisans, but scholarly professionals who can critically reflect on the African society and provide images and creative representations that enhance the Africa identity. So while professional training constitutes the Institute’s core work, its curricula continues to be a unique blend of scholarship inculcation and professional development

 NAFTI as a partnering Educational Establishment, will enrol one WEF Scholarship recipient per year for the years 2017 till 2022. It will award the Anita Erskine Education Bursary to one outstanding female student at the level 200, studying TV Production, who exhibits academic promise, with proof of financial difficulties. The bursary will have an online application process available on both websites of NAFTI and AEM. Prior to their  entrance into their final year, NAFTI will choose one level 300 female student for an internship program at Anita Erskine Media every academic year. Both parties will also select one female  final year student whose film project will be fully funded by Anita Erskine Media.

All related costs and funding shall be provided by ANITA ERSKINE MEDIA through the WOMEN’s ELEVATION FUND. This partnership ends on December 31st 2027.